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Magical Mageia 9 Unleashes SQLite Efficiency & Zstd Wizardry, Crafting a World of Maximised Performance!

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Magical Mageia 9 Unleashes SQLite Efficiency & Zstd Wizardry, Crafting a World of Maximised Performance!
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Mageia 9, the latest release of the Linux distribution derived from Mandriva, has finally arrived after a longer-than-usual release cycle. This update brings several package updates and significant changes, including shifting to SQLite for its RPM package database.

Mageia 9 features the KDE Plasma 5.27 desktop as the default, providing users with a modern and user-friendly interface. Under the hood, it is powered by the latest Linux 6.4 kernel, ensuring optimal performance and hardware compatibility. The Mesa 23.1 GPU driver support offers improved open-source graphics performance.

One of the notable changes in Mageia 9 is the switch from libdb to SQLite for the RPM database. This transition brings faster and more efficient package management, enhancing the overall user experience. Additionally, the size of the minimal install has been further reduced, making it a lightweight option for those with limited storage space.

Another improvement is the use of Zstd compression for the stage 1 images, replacing the previously used Gzip compression. This change results in faster and more efficient compression, allowing for quicker installation and updates.

Furthermore, the Mageia rescue system has been enhanced, providing users with a reliable recovery option in case of system issues. These improvements and many others make Mageia 9 a solid choice for both newcomers and experienced Linux users.

Mageia 9 is available for download from the official Mageia website. While the 32-bit software repositories on 64-bit systems are disabled by default, they can be easily enabled for users who still require 32-bit software support, such as for Steam.

Overall, Mageia 9 offers a polished and updated Linux distribution with a focus on performance, stability, and ease of use. With its latest features and improvements, it provides a reliable and enjoyable experience for anyone looking to explore the world of Linux.

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