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Phasmophobia’s Xbox launch postponed, bringing thrilling ghost hunts to the near future!

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Phasmophobia's Xbox launch postponed, bringing thrilling ghost hunts to the near future!
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The highly anticipated release of Phasmophobia achievements on Xbox Series X|S has been delayed until October, just in time for Halloween. The game’s developer, Kinetic Games, faced unforeseen challenges, including a fire in their office building and development issues, which significantly impacted the console development process. Despite the setback, the developer expressed gratitude for the support and excitement from fans and assured them that the delay would allow for the game to be perfected and fine-tuned.

Phasmophobia is a thrilling four-player co-op psychological horror game that involves collecting evidence of paranormal activity in haunted locations. Initially released on Steam in 2020, the game has garnered an Overwhelmingly Positive user rating from over 480,000 reviews on the platform.

Although the delay may be disappointing for Xbox players, October is shaping up to be a busy month for game releases on the platform. Other highly anticipated titles like Forza Motorsport and The Lamplighters League are also set to be released around the same time. This delay also affected the release date of Alan Wake II, which was pushed back to accommodate the busy release schedule.

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