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Rejoice! National Cinema Day is back in Sept with unbeatable $3.75 tickets!

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Rejoice! National Cinema Day is back in Sept with unbeatable $3.75 tickets!
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National Cinema Day is set to return to the U.K. on September 2nd, following its highly successful debut in 2022. Over 630 venues have signed up to participate in the event, offering tickets at a discounted price of £3 ($3.75) throughout the day. This year’s event comes at a time when cinema attendance is booming due to the success of recent films like “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer,” which have consistently held the top two spots at the box office for five weekends in a row. The summer box office is currently running 12% higher than the same period last year.

National Cinema Day is organized by Cinema First, with support from the Film Distributors’ Association and the U.K. Cinema Association. The event will be promoted through various marketing channels, including broadcast, digital, and outdoor platforms. Chair of Cinema First, Iain Jacob, expressed his excitement for the event, noting that it is a great opportunity to celebrate the joy of cinema and make it more affordable for families. He also thanked the industry for their support, hoping that this year’s event will surpass the success of the previous year and further demonstrate the importance of film in people’s lives.

National Cinema Day is a popular event that offers discounted movie tickets to encourage more people to go to the cinema and enjoy the big screen experience. With the current success of the film industry and the high demand for movie entertainment, this year’s event is expected to be even more successful than the last. It presents an affordable opportunity for families to create lasting memories and enjoy a beloved leisure activity. The support from the industry and the wide-ranging marketing efforts ensure that the event will receive great visibility and attract a large audience. Make sure to mark your calendars for September 2nd and take advantage of the discounted tickets to join the celebration of U.K. cinema-going.

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