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Revamping Google’s Android Settings: Discover the Fresh Look of Find My Device Logo! 🌟

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Revamping Google's Android Settings: Discover the Fresh Look of Find My Device Logo! 🌟
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The Google Play services settings menu on Android is getting a redesign. The new design includes a two-tab user interface. The “Recommended” tab will display cards that give an overview of the user’s account and available features, such as Backup, Nearby Share, Find My Device, Google Wallet, and Password Manager. This redesign allows Google to provide more relevant suggestions to users. Additionally, the Find My Device card in the menu now features a new logo that showcases an outline version of a crosshair icon, symbolizing radar and scanning. It suggests that Find My Device will soon support trackers, tablets, watches, and headphones. However, the updated branding will likely be available when the Find My Device network launch is released.

The second tab, labeled “Services on this device,” remains unchanged and displays a list of services, including Ads, Autofill, Backup, Devices & sharing, Find My Device, Game Dashboard, Parental controls, Personal Safety, Personalize using shared data, Set up & restore, Settings for Google apps, and COVID-19 Exposure Notifications.

The redesigned Google settings menu is currently rolling out with version 23.32.55 of Google Play services for beta users. This update aims to improve the user experience and make it easier for users to navigate and access different features and settings.

Overall, the redesign of the Google Play services settings menu brings a more visually appealing and user-friendly interface, allowing users to have a clearer overview of their account and available features. The new logo for Find My Device also hints at upcoming support for additional devices, making it a more versatile tracking tool. Users can look forward to a smoother and more intuitive experience when managing their Google settings on Android devices.

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