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Revolutionary Samsung Galaxy S24: Unleashing Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Power! Discover the Potential for Your Phone!

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Revolutionary Samsung Galaxy S24: Unleashing Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Power! Discover the Potential for Your Phone!
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The Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus has received impressive scores on Geekbench, suggesting it is faster than most Android handsets on the market. The scores, which include a single-core score of 2,233 and a multi-core score of 6,661, indicate that the Galaxy S24 Plus is powered by the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. This development raises the question of whether Samsung has created an exclusive, souped-up version of the Galaxy S24.

Another Android smartphone, likely the RedMagic 9, has also appeared on Geekbench with similar motherboard and governor as the S24 Plus listing. However, its scores are significantly weaker, with a single-core score of 1,596 and a multi-core score of 5,977. This suggests that Samsung has negotiated an improved ‘For Galaxy’ chipset for the S24 Plus, making it an appealing choice for those seeking the best smartphone on the market.

There is speculation that Samsung may reserve Snapdragon chips for the Galaxy S24 Ultra and Plus models, leaving the basic S24 with its own Exynos chips. This approach may be due to an improved 4nm yield, providing more Exynos chips for Samsung to use. Historically, Samsung has divided chipsets by region, with the US receiving Qualcomm and the rest of the world receiving Exynos. However, putting the Exynos chip in the cheaper model may suggest that it is weaker, which could be seen as a disadvantage for Samsung. On the other hand, using the Exynos chipset for the standard S24 and Qualcomm for the more expensive models would offer buyers a real choice and potentially reduce the cost of the entry-level model.

It is still uncertain which path Samsung will take for the Galaxy S24. Traditionally, the Galaxy S series is released in January or February, although it is possible that it may be released a little earlier this generation. Qualcomm’s annual summit in October may provide more insight into the timeline. Overall, Samsung’s potential use of an improved ‘For Galaxy’ chipset and offering a choice between Exynos and Qualcomm could be seen as positive moves for the brand in the smartphone market.

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