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Revolutionizing Displays: Celebrate the Rise of QD-OLED Technology!

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Revolutionizing Displays: Celebrate the Rise of QD-OLED Technology!
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The article discusses the rise of QD-OLED technology in TV screens and its impact on the market. QD-OLED screens, such as the Samsung S95B and Sony A95K, offer improved brightness and picture quality compared to regular OLED screens. However, despite their superiority, sales figures for these QD-OLED TVs have been disappointing. One of the main reasons for this is the higher price of QD-OLED TVs compared to regular OLED models. The article introduces the Samsung S90C, a QD-OLED TV that offers a balance between brightness and price. The S90C is significantly cheaper than other QD-OLED models and even competes well with regular OLED models in terms of picture quality. The article notes that QD-OLED technology is still in its early stages and has the potential to be further improved. The Sony A95L, for example, has already shown promising image quality. The article concludes by stating that while regular OLED technology is not dead yet, QD-OLED has already surpassed it in terms of picture quality and is the future of TV screens.

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