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Upgrade Your Home Entertainment with TCL’s 98-Inch S5 TV & Get NFL Sunday Ticket Deal

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Upgrade Your Home Entertainment with TCL's 98-Inch S5 TV & Get NFL Sunday Ticket Deal
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TCL has unveiled its new 98-inch Smart S5 TV, which is now available for pre-order for $5,000. This massive TV offers a range of advanced features, including a 120Hz native panel refresh rate, high brightness LED backlight, HDR ULTRA with Dolby Vision IQ, and hands-free voice control. The S5 TV is part of TCL’s lineup of 98-inch screens, which also includes the QLED TV from the XL collection and the Mini-LED QLED from the Q Class. With these options, TCL aims to provide an excellent viewing experience for cinephiles and sports enthusiasts alike.

TCL has built a strong reputation in the market for offering larger, affordable television sets. The XL collection’s S and Q Class sets provide a diverse range of models at varying price points, allowing customers to find the right TV based on their desired specs and budget. In fact, TCL is currently the second-largest player in the global television set market with 11.7 percent sales volume, second only to Samsung. The company’s market share also increased by 11.5 percent in 2021.

To further entice customers, TCL is offering a $200 discount on an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription from YouTube with the purchase of any of the three 98-inch TVs before September 19. Additionally, TCL has launched a streaming service called TCLtv Plus, which offers over 200 channels and a library of 1,500 movies and TV shows.

Overall, TCL’s new 98-inch S5 TV is an impressive addition to their lineup, offering top-notch features and a variety of options for consumers. With their focus on affordability and quality, TCL continues to solidify its position in the television market, providing customers with an exceptional viewing experience.

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