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Warframe Rejoices: Unlock New Possibilities with Long-Awaited Cross-Progression!

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Warframe Rejoices: Unlock New Possibilities with Long-Awaited Cross-Progression!
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Digital Extremes has confirmed that Warframe, one of the most popular RPG games, will soon be implementing cross-progression. This highly requested feature will allow players to seamlessly continue their progress across different platforms, eliminating the need to restart the game. Cross-progression ensures that players can access all of their content regardless of the platform they choose to play on. While the feature is not available just yet, Digital Extremes revealed at Tennocon 2023 that cross-progression will be coming to Warframe in 2023. This exciting news comes after the successful implementation of crossplay earlier this year. With cross-progression, players can not only play with friends on different platforms but also carry over their progress, skins, and items.

Whispers in the Walls and Abyss of Dagath updates are also on the horizon, promising a wealth of new content for players. Although cross-progression won’t be a part of these updates, there’s plenty to look forward to. Digital Extremes is making strides in improving the multiplayer experience of Warframe, and the addition of cross-progression feels like the perfect next step.

For players eagerly awaiting more details, Digital Extremes will be announcing more information soon. The implementation of cross-progression will enable players to reunite with their beloved characters and continue their adventures seamlessly. In the meantime, players can explore the best Warframe builds to enhance their gameplay or try out other ninja games to keep themselves occupied.

Overall, the introduction of cross-progression in Warframe is a highly anticipated feature that will provide players with more freedom and flexibility in their gaming experience. By allowing players to continue their progress across different platforms, Digital Extremes is making it easier for players to access their content and enjoy the game without interruption. With the upcoming updates and the addition of cross-progression, Warframe continues to deliver an exciting and immersive multiplayer experience for its dedicated community.

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