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Revving Up the Style Quotient: Upgraded Carbon-Fiber Roof Adds Flair to My Porsche Turbo!

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Revving Up the Style Quotient: Upgraded Carbon-Fiber Roof Adds Flair to My Porsche Turbo!
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In the latest article by Bradley Brownell on Gizmodo, he shares his experience of customizing his Porsche 996 Turbo to make it truly his own. After becoming the proud owner of one of the cheapest Porsche 996 Turbos on the market, Brownell has been on a mission to personalize his new car.

Since purchasing the vehicle, Brownell has been stacking up the miles on the odometer and enjoying every minute of it. However, he wanted to add some custom touches to the car to make it stand out. He started by acquiring a set of period-correct wheels, extra carbon trim, and a GT3-style center console.

But there were a few minor issues with the car due to its previous track use. The front bumper and hood were mismatched, and the factory Seal Grey color didn’t appeal to Brownell. So, he decided to take advantage of the winter months to have the car repainted and worked on, including the installation of a carbon fiber roof.

During his car modification journey, Brownell came across c1composites on Instagram, a company currently building an all-carbon 996 track car. Intrigued by their work, he reached out and discovered that he could get a custom carbon roof for just $1,600, plus shipping costs. This was a much more affordable option compared to the nearly $4,000 charged by Porsche for a carbon roof from the factory.

By opting for the carbon roof, Brownell aims to shed around 70 pounds from the top of his 996 Turbo. With additional modifications, he hopes to get the car as close to 3,000 pounds as possible, down from its original weight of 3,380 pounds. His goal is to create a period-correct custom 996 Turbo that resembles the modern 911 S/T or 911 Sport Classic.

To add some flair to the car, Brownell plans to incorporate unique features such as Ocean Jade Metallic paint, an exposed carbon roof and hood, a full-leather Nephrite Green interior, and green wool tweed seats with a single hardback sport seat for the driver. He also intends to color-match the hardback, the half-cage, the center console, and the gauges to the exterior.

With the fall season in full swing, Brownell will continue to enjoy driving his 996 Turbo before sending it for the revamp. He’s excited about the transformation and believes that his customizations will truly make his car stand out from the crowd.

So, if you’re a Porsche enthusiast or simply love car customization, Brownell’s journey with his Porsche 996 Turbo is worth following. Stay tuned to see how his car turns out with its unique modifications and eye-catching features.

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*Why did we choose this article for headlines4happiness, what makes this news a good news?*

Reasons why this article is positive and generates good thoughts:

1. Personalization: The article highlights Bradley Brownell’s journey of customizing his Porsche 996 Turbo, showcasing his enthusiasm and passion for making the car his own.

2. Affordability: Brownell explores cost-effective options for customization, such as opting for a custom carbon roof from c1composites at a significantly lower price compared to a factory option.

3. Weight reduction: Brownell aims to shed weight from his car, demonstrating a commitment to performance improvement and a focus on creating a unique, period-correct 996 Turbo.

4. Unique features: The article mentions various distinctive features that Brownell plans to incorporate, such as the Ocean Jade Metallic paint, an exposed carbon roof and hood, and a Nephrite Green interior. These additions enhance the visual appeal of the car.

5. Excitement and anticipation: The article portrays Brownell’s anticipation for the transformation of his car, generating a sense of excitement and curiosity among readers.

Overall, this article encourages readers to embrace their passions, explore affordable customization options, and appreciate the process of making something uniquely their own. It showcases the joy and positive outlook associated with personalizing and transforming a beloved possession.

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