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Unleashing Infinite Imagination: Amazon’s AI Creates Stunning Backgrounds for Authentic Products

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Unleashing Infinite Imagination: Amazon's AI Creates Stunning Backgrounds for Authentic Products
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Amazon is introducing a new beta feature that allows advertisers to create AI-generated image backgrounds for products. This generative AI solution is designed to remove creative barriers and improve ad performance. The feature provides an alternative to generic white backgrounds and allows advertisers to easily add life to their product images. According to Amazon, data shows that ads with lifestyle images using this feature have 40% higher click-through rates compared to ads with standard product images. This tool is seen as a cost-effective way for advertisers to create engaging and differentiated creatives without the need for additional expertise. Advertisers can simply select their product in the Amazon Ad Console, click “Generate,” and choose from several image options created in seconds. This feature is part of Amazon’s broader investment in generative AI, following the introduction of AI-generated text for product listings and AI summaries of product reviews. The company aims to reduce friction for advertisers, provide impactful tools, and deliver a better advertising experience for customers. The image generation feature is currently available to select advertisers and will expand availability over time.

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1. Innovation and Convenience: The introduction of AI-generated image backgrounds showcases Amazon’s commitment to pushing boundaries and finding new ways to improve ad performance. This feature eliminates creative barriers for advertisers and makes it easier for them to add visually appealing elements to their product images.

2. Increased Click-through Rates: The data provided by Amazon highlights the effectiveness of using lifestyle images in ads generated by AI. With a 40% increase in click-through rates compared to standard product images, advertisers can anticipate better engagement and ultimately, potential sales.

3. Cost-effective Solution: This tool is seen as a cost-effective way for advertisers to create captivating and unique creatives without requiring additional expertise. By simply selecting their product and generating image options within seconds, advertisers can save time and money while still producing eye-catching visuals.

4. Broader Investment in AI: Amazon’s commitment to generative AI extends beyond image backgrounds. The introduction of AI-generated text for product listings and AI summaries of product reviews demonstrates their dedication to providing impactful tools that enhance the advertising experience for both advertisers and customers.

5. Expansion of Availability: Although currently available to select advertisers, Amazon plans on expanding the availability of this feature over time. This signals their commitment to making these advanced advertising tools accessible to a broader range of businesses, fostering growth and success for advertisers.

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