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November Night Sky Delights: Pleiades and Leonid Meteor Shower Illuminate Together

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November Night Sky Delights: Pleiades and Leonid Meteor Shower Illuminate Together
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This month’s night sky will feature two breathtaking celestial phenomena: the Pleiades star cluster and the Leonid Meteor Shower. The Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters, is a beautiful cluster of stars located about 440 light-years away in the constellation Taurus. On November 18th, the Pleiades will be in a prime viewing spot, overhead towards the equator. It is an exquisite sight to behold, and even without binoculars, it can be seen with the naked eye. On the same night, Earth will pass the peak of the Leonid Meteor Shower, named after the constellation Leo. For those in the right part of the sky, around 15 shooting stars can be spotted per hour. What makes this viewing even more enjoyable is the fact that the moon will only be six days old, creating optimal conditions for stargazing. In other stargazing news, on November 2nd, Jupiter will be in perfect opposition to the Sun, making it visible in detail for those with telescopes or binoculars. On November 12th, the Taurid Meteor Stream will peak, offering around 10 meteors per hour under the complete darkness of a New Moon. Finally, on November 27th, a full “Frost” or “Beaver” moon will reach opposition, offering a beautiful sight and a time of healing according to the traditions of the Anishinaabe People. So grab your binoculars and telescopes, bundle up, and enjoy the wonders of the night sky this November. It promises to be a month filled with celestial beauty and awe-inspiring moments.

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