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Forbes: ‘Destiny 2’ Introduces Non-Raid Farming Alternative, Boosting Possibilities!

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Forbes: 'Destiny 2' Introduces Non-Raid Farming Alternative, Boosting Possibilities!
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In a recent update to Destiny 2, Bungie has introduced a new alternative to the popular raid weapon, Forbearance. The new weapon, called Undercurrent, is a wave frame grenade launcher that can be obtained through regular and GM Nightfalls.

While Forbearance is highly regarded as one of the best mob clearing weapons in the game, it is mainly used by players who participate in raids. This leaves a significant portion of the playerbase unable to access this powerful weapon.

Undercurrent offers a similar playstyle to Forbearance, with its main attractive perk being voltshot. This perk jolts targets after a reload, allowing for great mob clearing potential. Players have the option to choose from various god rolls for Undercurrent, such as Lead from Gold/Voltshot for more frequent ammo, Ambitious Assassin/Voltshot to mimic Forbearance’s god roll, or Demolitionist/Voltshot for instant reload on grenades.

There is some debate among players about whether Forbearance is objectively superior due to its chain reaction perk, which does not require a condition like reloading after a kill to trigger. However, the jolt keyword of Undercurrent provides unique interactions with other elements of an arc build that chain reaction does not offer.

For players who do not raid or participate in GM Nightfalls, there is still the opportunity to farm for Undercurrent in lower-tier Nightfalls and try to obtain god rolls. Additionally, this week offers a double rewards Nightfall, making it an ideal time to farm for this new weapon.

Even players who already have Forbearance may find it worthwhile to acquire Undercurrent and test out its differences. It is being hailed as the first new Nightfall weapon in a while that is truly worth pursuing.

Overall, the introduction of Undercurrent provides non-raiders with a viable alternative to the coveted Forbearance, ensuring that more players can enjoy the benefits of this powerful weapon in Destiny 2.

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*Why did we choose this article for headlines4happiness, what makes this news a good news?*

Reasons why this article is positive and generates good thoughts:

1. Offers a solution: The article introduces Undercurrent as an alternative to the highly regarded raid weapon, Forbearance, which allows more players to access a powerful weapon that was previously limited to raid participants.

2. Provides options and variety: Undercurrent offers various god rolls, allowing players to customize their playstyle and choose perks that suit their preferences and gameplay.

3. Unique interactions and benefits: The jolt keyword of Undercurrent provides unique interactions with other elements of an arc build, offering a different experience compared to Forbearance’s chain reaction perk.

4. Inclusivity: Non-raiders and players who do not participate in GM Nightfalls can still obtain Undercurrent by farming lower-tier Nightfalls, ensuring that more players have the opportunity to acquire and enjoy this new weapon.

5. Encourages experimentation: The article suggests that even players who already have Forbearance may find it worth acquiring Undercurrent to test out its differences, promoting exploration and discovering new gameplay strategies.

6. Exciting event: The article mentions a double rewards Nightfall, creating a sense of urgency and making it an ideal time for players to farm for Undercurrent, increasing the anticipation and enthusiasm around the acquisition of this new weapon.

Overall, the article presents a positive outlook by providing accessible alternatives and options for players, promoting inclusivity, encouraging exploration and experimentation, and highlighting an exciting event in the game.

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