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‘The Voice’ star Mara Justine impresses John Legend with haunting Adele cover! – USA TODAY

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'The Voice' star Mara Justine impresses John Legend with haunting Adele cover! - USA TODAY
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In the latest episode of NBC’s “The Voice,” the talented singers delivered breathtaking performances that left the coaches in awe. Team Reba singer, Jacquie Roar, kicked off the season finale with a powerful rendition of Boston’s “More Than a Feeling.” Her performance impressed all the coaches, and Reba McEntire praised her for going big.

Mara Justine from Team Niall slowed things down with a haunting cover of Adele’s “Turning Tables.” Her performance left John Legend with “so many regrets” for letting her go in a previous round. He called her performance “striking” and “beautiful.”

Lila Forde from Team Legend dazzled the coaches with her dreamy performance of The Beatles’ “Across the Universe.” Niall Horan praised her for being true to herself and called her one of his favorite singer-songwriters.

Ruby Leigh from Team Reba delivered an emotional performance of the Eagles’ “Desperado,” showcasing her soulful tone and impressive vocal prowess. Gwen Stefani called her “mesmerizing” and praised her maturity as a performer.

Closing the finale was Huntley from Team Niall, who rocked the stage with a powerful rendition of Creed’s “Higher.” Niall Horan joked that the studio roof would be blown off in the next season, and John Legend praised Huntley’s star quality, comparing him to someone who is already playing arenas.

The coaches were impressed with the talent displayed in this episode, and viewers can vote for their favorite act on “The Voice” official app and NBC.com/voicevote. Don’t miss the chance to support these incredible artists and see who will be crowned the winner of Season 24.

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