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Smart Dining Tips at Olive Garden from Diet Pros – Fox News

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Smart Dining Tips at Olive Garden from Diet Pros - Fox News
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In this insightful article, nutrition experts offer valuable tips on how to make healthier choices when dining out at restaurants. With a focus on Italian-American cuisine at Olive Garden, registered dietitians provide recommendations to help you enjoy a delicious meal without compromising your dietary goals.

From the delectable Pasta Fagioli soup, rich in beans and low in calories, to the Grilled Chicken Margherita dish packed with protein and fiber, there are plenty of nutritious options to choose from. Be mindful of portion sizes and consider boxing up half the meal to avoid overeating.

For seafood lovers, the Shrimp or Chicken Scampi is highlighted as a balanced and healthy choice, providing a combination of carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and fat. If you opt for the Herb-Grilled Salmon, a source of omega-3 fatty acids, remember to request minimal garlic butter to manage calorie intake.

To round off your meal, consider a soup and salad combo at Olive Garden, ensuring a well-rounded and satisfying dining experience. Remember, moderation is key, whether it’s about indulging in a breadstick or dressing your salad.

With these expert tips, you can navigate the menu at Olive Garden with confidence, making informed choices that align with your diet and taste preferences. Enjoy a guilt-free dining experience while savoring the flavors of Italian-American cuisine. Embrace a balanced approach to eating out, knowing that you can still make health-conscious decisions without sacrificing enjoyment.

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1. Offering valuable tips from nutrition experts on making healthier choices while dining out at restaurants.
2. Focusing on Italian-American cuisine at Olive Garden, showcasing nutritious options like Pasta Fagioli soup and Grilled Chicken Margherita.
3. Encouraging mindfulness of portion sizes to prevent overeating.
4. Highlighting balanced and healthy choices like Shrimp or Chicken Scampi and Herb-Grilled Salmon for seafood lovers.
5. Suggesting a soup and salad combo for a well-rounded dining experience.
6. Emphasizing moderation and informed decision-making to align with dietary goals.
7. Empowering readers to make health-conscious choices without sacrificing enjoyment.
8. Inspiring a balanced approach to eating out that prioritizes well-being and pleasure.

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