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Soulful Duo Discovers Dream Home in Germantown – A Joyful Journey!

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Soulful Duo Discovers Dream Home in Germantown - A Joyful Journey!
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Freddie Mae Everett-Lee and Robert Roston, a spiritual couple, are thrilled to have found their dream home in Germantown. After serving in the military and retiring, they decided to move back to their hometown of Memphis. With the help of Crye-Leike Realtors, they found a unique and spiritual home in the gated community of Aintree Farms for $789,000.

The couple fell in love with the large traditional brick home, featuring an open floor plan, a sunken living room with a fireplace, and a light-filled atrium. The kitchen’s all-white design, marble floors, and raised-panel cabinetry added to the elegance of the house. The main level had a primary bedroom with a view of the lake and a luxurious en suite bathroom. The home also had an office, two more bedrooms upstairs, and a bonus room with a refreshment center.

One of the main highlights of their home was the serene lake view from the backyard, providing the couple with a peaceful environment. For Freddie, it has helped her overcome some of her post traumatic stress symptoms from her time in the military. She also feels the previous owner’s angelic spirit in the home, as it is filled with personalized designs and cherubs. The house projects a warm welcome, with a purple countertop that reminds Freddie of Christ’s sacrifice.

Living in Germantown brings back childhood memories for Freddie, as she used to go to wealthy people’s homes with her mom to clean. Now, as a proud homeowner in the area, she feels grateful for the change from housekeeper to homeowner.

Overall, Freddie and Robert are excited to celebrate their first Christmas in their dream home, which brings them a sense of peace, beauty, and a connection to their spirituality.

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Reasons why this article is positive and generates good thoughts:

1. It highlights a couple’s joy and excitement in finding their dream home.
2. The couple’s background in the military and subsequent retirement shows resilience and a positive outlook on life.
3. The description of the home’s features, such as an open floor plan, fireplace, and atrium, creates a sense of luxury and comfort.
4. The mention of the white design, marble floors, and raised-panel cabinetry adds to the elegance and beauty of the house.
5. The main highlight – the serene lake view – is described as providing a peaceful environment and helping the homeowner overcome post traumatic stress symptoms.
6. The previous owner’s personalized designs and cherubs give the house a warm and spiritual atmosphere.
7. The mention of the purple countertop symbolizing Christ’s sacrifice adds a sense of faith and gratitude.
8. The couple’s journey from a past of cleaning wealthy people’s homes to becoming proud homeowners in a desirable neighborhood showcases the power of change and growth.
9. The mention of celebrating their first Christmas in the dream home creates a feeling of joy and anticipation.
10. The overall tone of the article is positive, celebrating love, peace, beauty, and spirituality.

In summary, this article generates good thoughts by highlighting the couple’s happiness, the beauty of their dream home, and the positive changes and connections to spirituality they have experienced.

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