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Dairy Queen’s Generous Offer: Free Ice Cream Galore! – 9News.com KUSA

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Dairy Queen's Generous Offer: Free Ice Cream Galore! - 9News.com KUSA
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**Sweet News For Ice Cream Lovers: Dairy Queen Gives Away Free Cones to Welcome Spring!**

Calling all ice cream enthusiasts! The iconic Dairy Queen (DQ) chain is bringing back its much-loved tradition of “Free Cone Day” to mark the arrival of the spring season. On Tuesday, March 19, anyone can head to a participating Dairy Queen location nationwide and receive a complimentary small vanilla soft-serve cone topped with that signature curl – limit one per person, while stocks last. No need for coupons, just show up and enjoy!

Maria Hokanson, the executive vice president of marketing at American Dairy Queen Corporation, expressed their excitement for the occasion, stating, “Nothing says warmer weather is around the corner quite like Free Cone Day. We’re inviting fans everywhere to grab their friends and families and get their ‘Treat Szn’ started with something sweet – on us!”

So, cancel your plans and indulge in a free treat from Dairy Queen as you welcome the season of new beginnings with a delightful swirl of soft-serve goodness. Remember, it’s a day-long celebration, and the offer is available to everyone eager to kick off spring on a sweet note. Don’t miss out on this delicious opportunity to satisfy your sweet tooth and spread the joy of spring with loved ones.

As warmer days approach, Dairy Queen is spreading happiness one free cone at a time, reminding us that sometimes the simplest pleasures can bring the biggest smiles. So gather your friends and family, make your way to your nearest DQ, and savor the taste of spring with a free cone in hand. Let the treat season begin!

This sweet gesture from Dairy Queen not only serves up smiles but also offers a moment of sheer delight for ice cream lovers everywhere. Embrace the season with a scoop of happiness, courtesy of Dairy Queen’s Free Cone Day – a heartwarming way to mark the start of spring with sweetness and joy.

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*Why did we choose this article for headlines4happiness, what makes this news a good news?*

1. Celebration of Spring: Dairy Queen’s Free Cone Day marks the beginning of the warmer season, bringing excitement and a sense of new beginnings.
2. Inclusivity: The offer is available to everyone, promoting a sense of community and togetherness as people come together to enjoy a free treat.
3. Joyful Experience: Indulging in a complimentary small vanilla soft-serve cone can bring happiness and delight, reminding us of the simple pleasures in life.
4. Ease and Accessibility: No coupons needed, just show up and enjoy, making it convenient for anyone to participate and enjoy a sweet treat.
5. Spread of Positivity: By sharing the joy of free ice cream, Dairy Queen is spreading happiness and creating a positive atmosphere for all ice cream lovers.

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